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Are police performing more DUI stops?

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2022 | Dwi/dui

There seems to be times when police officers are more prone to pulling someone over for potentially driving under the influence. While it’s impossible to know for sure who is going to be caught in the act of driving under the influence during a California traffic stop and have to pay the consequences, there are still some factors that tend to make it more likely.

There is no prototypical intoxicated driver

The statistics for intoxicated driving are all across the board. There isn’t a standard “DUI driver” that officers know to look out for. Many different types of people end up getting a DUI. But the likelihood that an individual will get a DUI statistically varies depending on how old they are, their gender, and where they live.

People who drive motorcycles tend to get more DUIs, for one. And if someone has had a DUI conviction already on their record, it’s been shown that they have a greater likelihood of continuing that pattern of behavior.

Are fewer stops causing more deaths?

Some have posed the argument that police reform has led to fewer traffic stops due to new policies around how these types of stops must be conducted. Their reasoning is that it’s because of fewer traffic stops that there has been such a dramatic increase in deaths from driving under the influence over the past several years.

Those still on the younger end of life’s journey tend to live more recklessly, commonly lacking life experiences that teach them to know better. If there are any new drivers in the house, talking to them about these extreme legal consequences may prove to be an effective deterrent for parents to use.