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4 mistakes that may escalate a DUI charge

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2022 | Dwi/dui

An arrest on suspicion of drunk driving represents enough legal trouble as it is. If you find yourself in such a situation, though, you do not want to make matters worse through certain missteps.

Talking too much could lead to incriminating statements or even additional charges. And resisting an officer may lead to fisticuffs,  injuries and felony charges due to a situation that could have been avoided.

Talking too much and resisting arrest

The flashing lights of a police car should be enough to make you understand that you face a predicament. Please do not make any of the following mistakes, which likely will worsen your problem:

  • Talking too much: You do not have to answer questions. This is a ploy law enforcement relies on to get you to make incriminating statements. You may simply provide your name, driver’s license, proof of insurance and vehicle registration. Do not address any other topic.
  • Not following instructions: If an officer orders you to stay in your vehicle, then remain there. Sudden movements and disregarding instructions may escalate. Stay calm and in control.
  • Subscribing to a condescending manner: You are at a disadvantage, so please do not make any rude, unpleasant and disparaging comments. Do not lecture the law enforcement officer with what you learned in a college constitutional law class. Otherwise, additional charges are possible.
  • Resisting arrest and fleeing law enforcement: You are bound to get into further legal trouble by partaking in any such actions, which may escalate into assaulting a law enforcement officer or driving away at a high rate of speed, leading to a fatal crash.

Ideally, you want to make a DUI charge go away. However, that likely will not happen if you make any of the above-mentioned mistakes. Any of these missteps may lead to much more serious punishments.

Anticipate, avoid and seek

By anticipating what may happen after a DUI arrest, you may avoid making mistakes that could cause further consequences. Those consequences could lead to a series of felony charges or a conviction for providing incriminating statements. You want to get a DUI reduced or dismissed, and an experienced attorney may help this happen.