Your Advocate In Criminal Court

The stakes are high in any criminal case. Jail time, high fines, court costs, and probation terms are just the start. A criminal arrest and conviction can change your life. The right lawyer can make a difference.

The government has the heavy burden to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt, but with almost unlimited resources and a vast network of police and prosecutors, this can often be an easy task. The right lawyer can make a difference.

In my career, I have represented thousands of clients in criminal courts throughout Louisiana. I know how to develop the best defense, tailor-made for the client and facts of the case. That is what makes a difference.

My Clients

I represent people from all walks of life accused of DWI/DUI, 2nd Amendment/Gun and Drug crimes, Domestic Abuse, Sex Offenses and White Collar Crime. I am invested in the best interest of each client and work hard to ensure the best possible resolution to the case. And because things often happen after business hours, I offer my clients open lines of communication, including my personal cell number. Accessibility creates and fosters the strongest Attorney-Client relationship, and that makes a difference.

Consult With Me

Time is of the essence in any criminal case. Call me at 800-640-1954 or contact me online to get started. With offices in Shreveport and Baton Rouge, I represent clients across Louisiana.