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A Recognized Leader In Criminal Law And DWI Defense

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A Top Drug Crimes Defense Attorney

A qualified and knowledgeable lawyer can be a tremendous asset if you are facing drug charges. It is crucial to speak with me as soon as possible, and certainly before you make a statement to law enforcement. Whether the charge is possession, distribution or manufacturing, you have the right to remain silent, so exercise your right!

I have spent my entire legal career ensuring that clients’ rights are fully protected. As an aggressive attorney dedicated to criminal law, I can be your most effective defense against a drug conviction. When you hire me, I will protect you throughout the legal process.

Drug Laws In Louisiana Are Strict

There is little decriminalization of drugs in Louisiana, which means there is a distinct chance of serious punishment for drug or even simple marijuana possession. Don’t risk your future! Call me.

You Can Defend Yourself Against Drug Charges

Fighting any drug charge is always your wisest course of action. The law builds cases predicated on your criminal record, so keeping your record as clean as possible makes a difference now and in the future. But it also is important down the line if you ever face charges again. A conviction will affect your chances for employment and professional licensing and your general enjoyment of life.

Contact Me Today If You Face Drug Charges

Call 800-640-1954 to reach my office in Shreveport. You can also contact me online for a prompt response.